The Greater Washington Chapter of the Naval Academy Alumni Association serves the DC and surrounding areas. We meet monthly at the Army Navy Country Club for luncheon meetings and host several special events throughout the year.

The leadership of our Greater Washington Chapter is comprised of a dynamic group of Shipmates active duty, retired, civilian, young and…more experienced! — who are proud to serve our institution. Learn more about who’s involved with our Board. Read our By-Laws


The All Academy Challenge Runs Between 31 May and 6 June 2017 

 7 Days – 5 Teams – ONE Challenge!

All Five Service Academies are competing for
The All Academy Challenge Trophy.

It’s our time Naval Academy Alumni. The 2017-All Academy Challenge is for the taking. You know Navy pride towers over our service academy rivals! HELP support the Naval Academy and the Brigade of Midshipmen. The Challenge runs from 31 May through 6 June. It is NOT about the size of your gift – it is about the percentage of alumni participating – $5 Minimum, AND Don’t forget also to donate to our Greater Washington Chapter in support of the great work that we do assisting fellow Alumni AND USNA Candidates -Future Alumni!

The Next USNAAA GWC Event is on 15 June 2017

USNA Alumni who are current registered members of the Greater Washington Chapter are cordially invited to a 15 June event for a discussion with the Navy’s Budget officer, VADM Bill Lescher, USN, N-8, and a member of the Class of 1980 – the last class to have a real plebe year! For more information on how to register please click here

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Dear Fellow Alumni, Friends, and Countrymen,

Your continued support of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association – Greater Washington Chapter is truly appreciated by all of our benefactors.

The US Naval Academy Alumni Association – Greater Washington Chapter continues to support USNA Alumni and future candidates for admission to the United States Naval Academy. Our alumni association requests your financial support for supporting the events to educate these midshipmen candidates, and all other events in support of the USNA Alumni Association – Greater Washington Chapter. Our chapter’s region is blessed to have many talented future leaders.  Many leading universities and colleges target our region for those same individuals.  It is important to educate local students of the superb education and the opportunity to serve our nation.

The Greater Washington Chapter continues to conduct periodic professional networking opportunities and events to heighten awareness of our alma mater.  These events are funded entirely from the generous contributions of our members.

A few of the many events we support:

  • A USNA Open House in the fall designed to help educate potential candidates about the application and admissions process for the Naval Academy.  We hold a half-day event at the U.S. Navy Memorial.  Our intent is to maximize attendance and expose potential candidates to some of the great history and traditions associated with the naval services. The Naval Academy Admissions Office and Navy Blue and Gold Officers support this event.
  • A USNA candidate briefing, held in the spring, is designed to reach an audience of students in eighth thru eleventhgrades who may be considering seeking admission to the United States Naval Academy.  The Naval Academy Admissions Office supports our efforts and they include the latest admissions process information.  Area Blue & Gold Officers explain their role in the admissions process.  In the past several years, we have hosted, for each event, 250 – 300 interested students and parents.
  • A Candidate’s Luncheon in the spring designed to welcome new appointees who were extended offers of admission to USNA, NAPS or a Foundation Scholarship.  We invite the candidate, a parent, and select high school counselors.  The presence of the Naval Academy leadership, including the Superintendent or Commandant, the Academic Dean and Dean of Admissions make this luncheon extremely effective.

To continue our efforts in support of USNA, to give back and also to pay it forward to future USNA Alumni – we need your financial support.  We ask for donations to support our mission.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible as we are organized under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code, and are a tax free entity.

Our website, enables secure electronic donations or a form is available to download and mail with your check.  Your contribution is critical to our mission in support of the Naval Academy and our Alumni.

Please help our USNA Alumni Chapter make a difference for our alumni and future Midshipmen.

Go Navy and Beat Army – Again!

Dale “Kid” Lumme
President, USNAAA-GWC