Board of Directors Candidate Questionnaire

If you are interested, please copy the questions below, answer, and email, along with an updated resume [or bio] to 
Jim Gray ( before the end of day Wednesday, May 16. 
  1. Name: 
  2. Year of graduation:
  3. Are you interested in running for Vice President, Please indicate YES or NO
  4. Years and affiliation (e.g. Navy, USMC) of active and/or reserve service:
  5. Community/Warfare Specialty:
  6. Military or Civilian Career highlights (3 max):
  7. Previous or current board memberships/positions held:
  8. Previous or current community service:
  9. Education:
  10. Brief description of any experience in the following skill areas: 
    1.  Strategic engagement related to mission of our alumni chapter.
    2. Alumni communications and outreach.
    3. Solicitation of charitable donations.
  11. Brief statement of your motivation to run for the USNA Alumni Assn. GWC BOD:
Note:  Submission of the above information to the USNA Alumni Assn. GWC nominating committee indicates your permission to share the information on the candidate ballot, or online on the USNA-AA chapter website.
In addition, your desire to become a USNA Alumni Assn. GWC Board member indicates commitment to participate actively in USNA Alumni board meetings, attend luncheons or other networking events, and volunteer to lead or contribute to other board committee activity as needed (approximately 2 – 3 hours/month), if selected, and then elected by your fellow USNA Alumni.