Summary of USNA Superintendent’s Report to Alumni Association Board of Trustees

The Spring BOT meeting was held on Friday, April 27, and the Superintendent, VADM Rod Rempt ’66 gave a report. High points are presented below.

* USNA is strong with good staff and Brigade; long list of strengths-facilities need more work, especially flood control, library renovation, and security upgrades

* Many accomplishments, e.g. men treating women better; new alcohol policy; 8 Rhodes scholars in past 3 years; & great athletic wins including 15-6 over Army and a great tennis team

* Consolidating and reassessing strategy: Emphasis on sexual H/M/A, alcohol policy, officer development, and professional development-library renovation a high priority

* Admissions is completely on-line now

* New sailboats will start showing up this summer

* Need a new song book

* 24/7 concerns remain the same: sexual harassment; drugs/alcohol; honor
– Taking hard line on sexual harassment-have new SHAPE program, i.e. Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention and Education; drugs not a real problem, but alcohol remains an issue
– Only 85 of 15,012 breathalyzer tests were greater than 0.08; 242 of 15,012  were less than 0.08 and 14,685 were negative
– Have a 0-0-1-3 policy, i.e., 0 drinks if underage; 0 drinks if driving; 1 drink/hour max; and, 3 drinks total

* Academics still very exemplary; takes 119 to 125 semester hours to graduate  plus 18 professional education hours plus 8 physical education hours-much more than civilian colleges; Adding Arabic and Chinese to language programs

* Realigned athletic program: Women’s Lacrosse and Tennis elevated to varsity; Created Club “A” category with Men’s Ice Hockey and Men’s & Women’s Rugby

* King Hall (Mess Hall) renovation nearly complete and will occupy two wings in August; will keep feeding in Dahlgren Hall, however, until the summer ’08 for other logistical reasons

* Wesley Brown Fieldhouse work going well; So, too, is Brigade Sports Arena Complex across the River; Museum, library, and Hubbard Hall are next faciltities to renovate

* Much renovation in the Yard is a joint effort of alumni and government money

* His “wish list” includes Center for Ethical Leadership; International Programs; Chapel renovation; Dahlgren Hall renovation; Trophy cases around Yard renewed; Parking garage in the Yard; Hotel/Conference Center in the Yard; General grounds keeping and beautification

* Urged classes to sponsor funding of 40-year projects

* How can you help? 1. Keep all informed; 2. Get involved with a Mid’n; 3. Give $$ to Foundation; 4. Support our alumni who are overseas; 5. Be an advocate-tell the good news about USNA

* VADM Rempt then talked in general terms about the Lamar Owens case-he stressed he was prohibited by law from releasing detailed information-indicated there are lots of myths and rumors but he is constrained from talking about it-many, including SECNAV, reviewed the case

* His relief was approved by the Senate and he and his wife Pam will be retiring to a home in Big Sky, MT